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Cat’s and dog’s grooming

All breeds of dogs and cats require hair maintenance that contributes to their overall health. Regular grooming helps to identify hide wounds, scratches or other skin problems. It let us check ears health, claws, paws and eyes.

What services are offered?

Dog cleaning

You do not want your dog’s hair to be cut, but your animal needs a good cleanout? We will do this job for you!

Care begins with the disentangling of the hair and a short trimming under the abdomen, if necessary. Claws are cut.

Our large bath accept all sizes of dogs. We only use cleaning products approved for animals, with a balanced pH. Our hydromassage device allows a deep rinse that removes the old hair and eliminates any residue of soap.

The animal is dried with a towel and a low-temperature dryer. Ears, claws and anal glands are also checked.


Dog’s full grooming

Your dog needs a complete cleanout? Anne English, our certified groomer from the Quebec Grooming School, offers a full grooming service that includes a deep cleaning and a stylized haircut according to the dog’s breed or your expectations.

Depending on the breed and the time of year, complete or partial haircut contributes to the animal’s well-being and helps prevent skin problems.

Cat’s grooming

Cats are usually the best to take care of themselves. It ist hen recommended not to shave a cat on a regular basis!

However, there are situations where hair clipping is recommended (hair felting, humidity, contaminated hair, obesity that prevents self-cleaning). We always insure to groom cats in a quiet environment to minimize the animal’s stress. Hair tufts are removed with a clipper. If necessary, we will clip the hair to the same length on the entire animal.

Good to know

  • We offer grooming services on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm.
  • At their arrival, animals are weighed and this information is added to their patient file.
  • We will take the time to speak with you about your expectations.
  • A veterinary is on site and can provide professional care (depending on your choice) in cases where problems are detected.
  • Cats must arrive in a cage or a transport basket. Dogs must wear a collar.
  • Animals whose hair is in very poor condition or with difficult temperament may incur additional costs.
  • Find out the cost of grooming services by calling us at the clinic.

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