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Animal behavior

Cats behavior problems

chaton qui a peur

All cat owners want to have a healthy and good character cat at home.

However, cats are sensitive animals who do not hesitate to indicate their dissatisfaction with behaviors that can be disturbing or undesirable. Direct attacks, such as bite or scratching, making of needs outside the litter box or destruction are indications that a cat in the household is not well.

Be attentive to your cat’s behaviour, if its look is fleeting, it keeps its ears lowered, is looking for a place to hide, all indicate that it may have lost its sense of trust. In such a situation, one must find the source of the problem before the animal reacts in a bad way.

Dogs behavior problems

We often say that the dog is Man’s best friend, but the fact remains that each animal has its own personality which is its own and with we have to deal.

Any dog can bite if the circumstances push it to do so, and, even if it’s true that an aggression by a stronger dog can cause a lot of damages, a bite still remains a bite. One must not minimise the aggression of a small dog just because of its size. Any behaviour of this type indicates a problem which must be resolved before it gets worse.

If your animal shows signs of anxiety in particular situations or if it is aggressive towards other animals, do not hesitate to call us. We can help you resolve the problem by analysing with you those situations and propose solutions which can sometimes be quite simple.

Travelling complications...

chien qui a peurWhile travelling by car, certain dogs can show important symptoms of anxiety which can be dangerous for everyone’s security. If you have an anxious animal, learn about the measures to take which can make it a more agreeable experience for it.