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Clinique vétérinaire Ève Woods-Lavoie inc.
24/7 soins d'urgence
418 368-2288


Routine surgery

The Clinic offers a service of general surgery which includes routine surgeries such as sterilisation and declawing; but also extends to other situations: skin masses, draining an abscess, nostril or eyelid corrections.

Curative surgery

Sometimes certain urgent situations require speedy intervention: a caesarean for females in birthing difficulty, foreign objects, fractures, open wounds or internal wounds resulting from an accident. In such cases, do not let your animal wait, contact us without delay at our emergency number: 418-368-2288.

The Clinic has a pre-operation room where animals are placed under general anesthetic and are physically prepared (shaved, cleaned). We then transfer them to a surgery room where a complete monitoring system (electrocardiogram, oxygen and blood pressure measurement) is put in place. The area to be operated is then disinfected before the surgery begins.


A short or long term hospitalization ensures the taking in charge of your animal during its period of convalescence. Depending on the state of health of your animal, a treatment plan which optimizes his convalescence will be set up with you.

Here are some reasons for hospitalizing your companion in case of illness:

  • Constant re-evaluation by a veterinarian
  • Continuous surveillance
  • Remote surveillance by camera
  • Intravenous fluid therapy
  • Medication adjusted to the condition of the animal
  • Assisted feeding or by tube for anorexic animals

We make it our duty to answer all your questions regarding the surgery or any other subject tied to the health of your animal. All you have to do is contact us!