13, rue des Cerisiers (Gaspé, QC) G4X 2M1
Clinique vétérinaire Ève Woods-Lavoie inc.
24/7 soins d'urgence
418 368-2288

Notre travaillons de pair avec vous pour la santé de vos animaux. Nous vous aidons à accueillir de nouvelles vies dans votre famille. Vos animaux bénéficient en tout temps d'un diagnostic rapide et complet. Nos objectifs : le bien-être animal et votre confiance en nous. Nous assurons des soins de santé dentaire complets. Nous vous offrons le meilleur de nous-mêmes, en tout temps!

Our main objectives : your animal’s welfare and your confidence

The veterinary clinic of Dr. Ève Woods-Lavoie inc. welcomes, treats and assures the full medical follow-up of all pet species. It also offers full grooming services and short/long-term boarding for dogs and cats. An emergency service is always available.

From the moment you walk through our doors, we take care of your pet and we will take all the time that is needed to answer your questions during a medical consultation or an emergency. We have all the equipment to ensure the dental health of your animal.

We offer fast and efficient on-site radiology and laboratory services. The Clinic offers a wide variety of veterinary-grade food for regular diets or specific needs (urinary problems, overweight, allergies) and maintains a veterinary pharmacy.

Finally, we are in touch with the main medical reference centers in Québec and we will guide you to the best resources if your pet requires specialized care.

Our veterinary clinic in a few words

The Veterinary Clinic Ève Woods-Lavoie inc. is led by Dr. Ève Woods-Lavoie, a veterinary doctor who graduated in 1996 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at St-Hyacinthe (Université de Montréal). Dr. Woods-Lavoie practiced at the Matane Veterinary Clinic and then at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal before moving to Gaspé. She worked there for nearly fifteen years in mixed medicine (pets and production animals).

Convinced to be able to offer the population quality services in a warm and professional environment, she decided to start her own business in 2013. She works there in the company of a competent team with a technician, a veterinary assistant and a receptionist: a team devoted to animal welfare.